The Village Green

The Village Green

Kelsey stood in a long line of ragged people… And so she did every week at the Hand-Out waiting to receive her weekly rations. But the rations were getting smaller and the people were getting worried.

Had life always been like this: hunger, want, and disease? As far as Kelsey knew, it always had, but when she finds the journal of Henry Martin everything begins to change.

Learning that her best friend is part of an underground resistance is strange enough, but finding out that she is the prophesied liberator of the people is almost too hard to believe. Will Kelsey be strong enough to fulfill that prophecy?


on March 21, 2016
I loved this story. Finally a dystopian fiction that is very plausible. The oppressed people in the story became that way not so much due to climate change or overpopulation but rather because of the oppressors who used those concepts to gain control. As an elementary teacher I would recommend this book to middle school aged and older students to help them get a glimpse of the elite manipulation which is already occurring.
on November 18, 2014
Intrigued from the very beginning! Kelsey is a strong female protagonist who faces obstacles in her village while trying to distinguish what is real and what isn’t. I really enjoyed watching Kelsey’s character grow! One day this book will become a fandom!! 😀 Can’t wait for the sequel!! 🙂

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