Finding the time to write

I want to thank Helen for writing this. I have been really struggling to get my second book finished because of a lack of time; her post let me see that even someone who has more books than I, has the same hardships.

Helen Pollard writes ...

This is a perennial problem for most writers, and one I wish I had a better answer to.

Most of the time, the answer is:  I don’t.

Not what you were expecting? Sorry.

When I took up writing again about five years ago after a long raising-my-family-and-returning-to-work gap, it wasn’t too hard for me to snatch the odd hour here and there. And at that time, writing was all I was doing in that odd hour. Well, that and a little internet research on technique, agents, publishers – but in the main, my aim was simply to watch my manuscript grow.

Oh, how I wish that was still the case.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about my naivety when I got my first contract. I knew I would have to create a website, start blogging, get going on social media, but I really had no idea how much promo and…

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