My Interview with Drew Avera

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Dystopian author, Drew Avera.

 Drew Avera
Drew is an active duty Navy veteran and self-published author. He writes science fiction, urban fantasy, and thrillers.
1. Why did you choose to write a dystopian novel?
I didn’t know what dystopian was at first. I just wrote it and lucked out. I’m kind of an idiot savant I guess…
2. Do you have any favorite dystopian literature? Authors?
Hugh Howey is the man!
3. Do you foresee any part of your book becoming reality? If so explain.
Yes, I think America will succumb to another civil war. People like to play politics too much and everyone is looking for the villain. 
4. Was there a particular event or idea in the real world that inspired your writing?
Not really, I loved comic books and I’m a fairly creative person. It seemed like the logical thing to do. 
5. When writing your book, did you seek to only tell a good story or to get across a specific message?
Every book I write is about something I’m trying to come to terms with. Usually it deals with faith, or a lack thereof. I also am motivated by fear. There’s always a sprinkling of hope in there somewhere though…maybe. 
6. What was the inspiration for your book?
2103 was inspired by the large amount of political posts and rants I saw on facebook. I think politics will divide any country, it’s just a matter of how much. 
7. What other genres do you read?
I like science fiction and thrillers primarily, but I’ll read the ingredients to butter if I’m bored. 
8. Have you or would you like to write in another genre? Which one?
I have some urban fantasy books out there, but dystopian science fiction is my favorite. 
9. Are you particularly fond of any one of you characters? 
Serus Blackwell from The Dead Planet Series. He was my first character in the first book I finished. 
10. Is there one book, in any genre, that has had a lasting impact on your life? Title. How did it affect you? 
The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast by Peter David. It made me want to write. 

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Drew’s latest book.

Where will people find hope when America falls? A story about every red-blooded American’s greatest fear. Find out what happens in this first installment of The Fall of America Series. Act II is coming soon!

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